Deleted Whatsapp Message Can Be Read

Deleted Whatsapp Message Can Be Read

Deleted Whatsapp Message Can Be Read
WhatsApp recently added new messaging features - Delete for Everyone. But Android Jeffy (Android Blog of Spain) claims that the WhatsApp message is not completely deleted from the phone although the message is deleted. Even if the sender already has sent the message. Deleted message is stored in to Android’s System Notification register. Downloading the third party app called “Notification History” from Google Play will allow anyone to read deleted messages.

A detailed description of the Spanish blog says, after download the notification history app first you have to find that deleted message in the Notification widget. This way no need any additional app.

For a while, you have to tap down the home screen. Then you should go widgets>activations>settings and at the end you should tap the Notification log button to open this log. This log can be accessed by setting widget of stock android. Those who use third party launchers like Nova Launcher have more easier to downloading this log.

Using the both processes of Gadgets 360 Notification History and Activities It has been proved that this method works well on Android phones.

However, only those particular messages will be reopened that are logged or viewed before. Besides, only 100 characters of the deleted message can be retrieved. This is not the case for image, movie or any other media messages.


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